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 Cowboy Mounted Shooting Clinic
2 day clinic - $400 plus gst.          1 day clinic - $175 plus gst   3 day clinic $425 plus gst 

Included in the clinic:
  • rules of the sport
  • safety
  • safe gun handling
  • horse preparation
  • general horsemanship skills pertaining to the sport
  • desensitization of horses
  • confidence building
  • learn how to effectively run a patern in an efficient manner pertaining to your horses' skills and abilities
Ranch Roping Clinic

Participant will supply a horse which is broke to ride and swing a rope off of.  At this clinic you will learn:

  • the proper techniques used to safely and humanely rope and doctor animals in the pasture. This includes training of the horse to ensure safety of the rider, horse, and the livestock to be doctored.
  • proper techniques and protocol to be followed that will ensure safety as well as efficiency while doctoring animals.
  • several different “loops” or techniques used to catch the animal ahorseback.
  • techniques to teach the horse the skills to “log” or pull from the horn and to “work the rope” or keep the rope tight when the rider dismounts to doctor the animal.  This is required to keep the animal subdued while doctoring takes place.
  • procedures used when doctoring “in pairs” with another rider as well as doctoring while by ones self.

Colt Starting Clinic

The student will provide a young halter broke horse.  At this clinic you will learn:

  • the techniques used to safely and effectively gentle and start their young horse under saddle
  • to read and understand the horses’ body language.  The student will use this knowledge to communicate effectively with the horse. 
  • the techniques to humanely gain their horses’ respect and trust, while establishing pecking order.

 Once trust and respect are established, the student will learn the safe and effective techniques to:

         * gentle the horse
         * teach the horse to accept saddle, bridle and rider
         * safely and effectively teach the horse to walk, trot, lope, stop & back up
         * spook-proofing – involves riding the horse safely through obstacles that the young horse may find threatening.

Cutting Clinic

The student will supply a horse broke to ride.  At this clinic you will learn the proper techniques used to isolate, supple, and gain control of the separate parts of the horses body. (hips, shoulders, head, neck and ribcage)

            •  once the student understands these principles of body control, they are taught to use the body control to maximize the horses ability to stop, backup, turn and spin quickly with smoothness and finesse.
            • at this point the student will learn the principles to apply these skills to working a cow
            • This clinic will enable the student to learn the techniques and protocol to successfully train a horse to be shown in a cutting or working cowhorse show.  The training techniques taught in this clinic will also give the student knowledge to successfully train team penning and ranch horses.  It will help the student at home on the ranch when working cattle in the pens.
            • you will learn the rules and regulations of showing a horse at a cutting or working cowhorse show. This will be explained in detail.
            • Strategies to successfully show your horse at a sanctioned show will also be discussed in detail.

Horsemanship Clinic

Experience a clinic that will take you and your horse to the next level.  Where-ever you are on you horse journey, Cain will meet you there and offer you a fun way to get more from yourself and your horse in a safe and supportive environment!
Learn the communication skills to be the leader in your horse-human relationship.  Master specific strategies that will ensure success, regardless of what your horsemanship goals are!
The student will supply a horse broke to ride.
  • Through an understanding of the horses body language, the student will learn approaches and techniques used to effectively and efficiently train the horse to:       
         - Respect the handler on the lead shank
         - Isolate the different parts of the horses body while riding(head & neck, shoulders, hips & feet)
      - Conquer the obstacle course, first from the ground, and then from the horses back    
     • Once the student learns to isolate the horses body parts, the student will then learn the techniques and procedures used to gain control of these body parts.  This control will then be used to teach the horse:
                  *Sliding stops
                  *Side pass
                  *Turn arounds
                  *Lead changes
                  *Spook proofing
                  *Speed control
                  *Lead departures       
UNBRIDLED "Set yourself free" 
Learn how to be more personally authentic through the wisdom and power of the horse.  Most of us move through life never really connected to our true potential and authenticity.  We often interact with ourselves and others through facades or places of hiding that rarely let us or others see who we truly are.
This workshop will be led by the greatest teachers of all: horses.  Horses are in the "now", they read your body language faster than any bio-feedback mechanism, and provide living metaphors from which to learn.  When teamed with highly-trained horse and psychology 
professionals, these teachers can lead you to powerful change in a fun and supportive way. 
Cain Quam and Judy Wright are the people trainers of this program and offer you the opportunity to learn in a fun, enthusiastic, and supportive environment.  Cain brings to the venture his years of horse-training expertise, his ability to get a horse to think and thus develop into its true potential, and his deep understanding of the heart and soul of the horse; Judy brings 22 years of counselling, facilitation, mediation, and her extensive understanding of the human psyche. 
Through this two-day experience people will not only be given an opportunity to improve horse skills, even if they have never been around a horse, or if they are a seasoned horse person, but also to have the great opportunity to develop more fully as a human and to truly enter into places of greater personal authenticity.  In the workshop you will be given an opportunity to explore boundaries and communications styles, to examine your internal dialogue, and develop greater self-esteem and confidence.  There is no riding involved but lots of one-on one activities with the horses. 
Cost is $525 plus GST.  Participation is limited to 10. 
For more information, and registration contact:
Roberta Quam at 306-424-2034
or Judy Wright 306-545-6121 
Visit Judys website:
One day colt starting demonstrations are also available.  The demonstration will be from 2 - 5 hours.  In this time frame Cain will demonstrate the communication used to gain the horses' trust and build his confidence.  You will see the transformation from an insecure, untrusting horse to a secure and willing partner.  Cain demonstrates the steps he uses to build a solid foundation on any horse, as he teaches the horse to lead, accept saddle and accept a human.  This is a hugely entertaining and information filled event.